About Us

Mission & Vision

Our Vision
Siyahkalem uses the experience it has accumulated in the construction industry over the years for carrying out projects that are friendly with the environment, nature and humans. Emphasizing the social cultural and lifestyle needs of the individual in all its projects, Siyahkalem aims to design the living spaces of the future with universal projects, owning up to aesthetic values, considering all contemporary needs of the individual.

Our Mission
Placing the human being at the core, Siyahkalem aims to identify the urban and urbanization problems of our day correctly, to overcome them and to leave living spaces they will be proud of, to the future generations. Siyahkalem, which does not compromise quality in any previous and future projects, is committed to the concepts of “aesthetics, nature, social texture and sustainable living” in all its projects.

Our Values
• “Respect for the human being” lies at the center of both our management and also operational concept. • We act with the awareness that we have borrowed this earth from future generations; we think that we need to create sustainable cities for a sustainable life. • We believe that all people deserve a high quality life and we do not compromise quality required by the project for any reason whatsoever. • We are aware that development and progress have to be together with our environment, striving to improve the environment alongside of ourselves. • We adopt a transparent and sharing management concept, we follow it not just as an in-house operating principle but also in our relations with all our stakeholders we work with. • Internationally recognized environmental health and safety requirements and the standards of international environmental organizations lie at the core of all our projects.

Our Principles
Respect to man and nature/ Professional competence/ Specialization/Liability