Fields of Operation


In the last 10 years, Turkey has become one of the countries with the fastest increase in energy demand. It is predicted that this tendency will continue in the mid & long term.

Due to this rapid increase in energy demand, Turkey's dependency on energy imports, mainly oil and natural gas, is on rise. At present, approximately 25% of the total energy demand of our country can be met from domestic sources.

In that sense, energy supply security and diversity are of great importance. Our energy policy is to put all of our domestic and renewable energy resources into use in a swift manner and to reduce our dependency on energy imports.

As Siyahkalem Energy, in line with our energy policy, we continue to work on many domestic and renewable energy projects, some of which are in the tender process. In terms of supply security, some of the other projects that we work on are; natural gas import from Northern Iraq and LNG storage & gasification.