Fields of Operation


Siyahkalem Energy in Brief
Siyahkalem Group has been involved in the development and execution of number of energy projects, out of which following schemes are signature examples.

Kangal Coal Power Plant – 537 MW (Sivas, Turkey)
Kangal Power Station is a 537 MW coal-fired power plant located in Hamal, Sivas, Turkey. Sivas Kangal Thermal Power Plant has been taken over from the Privatization Administration for 985 Million USD as part of a Joint Venture.

Biomass Power Plant – 12 MW (Erzincan, Turkey)
Siyahkalem operates the first and only power plant in Turkey that generates energy from biomass liquids produced by pyrolysis process of waste tires.
The plant provides sufficient electricity for the needs of 30.000 people.

Iraq – Turkey Natural Gas Concession
Siyahkalem has the sole licence to import Natural Gas from Iraq to Turkey, amounting up to 3.2 bcm/year until 2042.